Goals as Business Card Emporium


As a company, we have many goals in which we would like our company to achieve. Of course, we want to sell business card, but that’s not all. We want to leave our mark on your company and help you increase your business throughout the use of business cards. We have many goals in which we place on ourselves to assure that you, the client, always is satisfied with the way we handle business cards and business related products.

This brief article will list out goals we have, as a company, in order to communicate better with our following. We hope you enjoy the read!

Provide Excellent Quality Business Cardsbusiness card

Anyone can sell business cards. Not anyone can sell excellent quality ones, however. Here at BCE, we design our cards with YOU in mind. We don’t limit our paper stock to cheap paper that will lose quality in a few days. For a list of all of our available paper, check out our store.

The design implemented on the card isn’t just screen printed on either, as you will notice that your design is indented into the card, giving it a more professional feel. People choose Business Card Emporium because they know with us, they will get the card they deserve.

Satisfy the Client’s Needshappy customer

We are here to serve you. If a client is ever unhappy with any aspect of the business card, we will personally do everything we can to make sure they become satisfied.

It’s not uncommon to dislike a design after you see it printed on a few business cards. It also isn’t uncommon to choose a paper stock and then change your mind as you don’t think it is the bets fit. The moral is we will work with customers to assure the highest quality of customer service and we even guarantee a FULL REFUND* within 30 days if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Get Your Company the Business You Deservemore business

Our number one priority is to make your business more populated with customers, and that’s exactly why we are here. We have had clients walk in without a business card and leave with 1000s of them, in which they tell us a few weeks later that their company is really booming.

The overall reason to even get a business card is to draw more attention to your company. Here at BCE, we make this our number one priority as well.

Now you see some of the goals associated with Business Card Emporium. We hope by publishing this, that you feel more comfortable working with us and feel more safe with us backing you up 100% of the way. For any questions or inquiries lease email us at BCE@bce.com. Thank you for reading!


Three Reasons Why Your Company Needs Business Cards

handing a business card

A lot of people question the helpfulness of business cards in today’s society. This is because everyone is so used to looking to digital means to advertise their business and feel like a business card is not even relevant anymore. That is where they are wrong.

It is still just as important today to have business card as it was about 10-15 years ago. That’s not saying your business will fail without business cards, but they have been proven to draw in more business and more attention to your company, which is always a good thing. This short article will touch on three reasons why it is still important for a company to have a business card.

business card1. Contacts Expect Business Cards

What this means is that if your company meets with a person and discusses matters with them, they will probably expect a business card to contact you again. In today’s digital world, many professionals are overwhelmed with e-mails and an inbox full of unread messages on social media. Allow your card to be a creative reminder to get into contact with you again. Many professionals prefer business cards as you have to hand your client one in order to give it to them, and this is what they usually remember.

business card design2. Business Cards Showcase Creativity

If your business doesn’t have a business card but has a website, who’s saying that the company even designed the website? With a business card, someone within the company has to come up with the design (or get the design approved). The card can show clients more about your company by the designs incorporated on it. If your card is visually appealing with a nice glossy finish,  that shows that you put effort into your business card as you want to appeal to your clients more.

card3. Cheap Cost to Manufacture

By having a cheap cost to manufacture, you essentially draw more people into your business for less of a cost. Think of the cost that goes into a website if your company has to pay other people to do it for them. The layout would cost money, different aspects of the site, and even the price for them to craft it for you.

That’s not saying a website isn’t amazing to have as a company, just that business cards are naturally cheaper and have been proven to draw in at least 32% more business. Maybe you should consider both if you are a company.

Now that you see why business cards are still important today, why not get started with Business Card Emporium? Check out our three step process just to see how easy it is to get started with Business Card Emporium and see why people choose us as their first selection for high quality business cards. Thanks for reading!

BCE: More Than Just Business Cards


As you may already know, BCE specializes in bringing the perfectly designed business card directly to your fingertips. What you might not have know is that Business Card Emporium also sells many business related products. We do this to form what seems like a one stop shop for anyone looking to get their business cards and office supplies.

This blog post will go over a few products of what Business Card Emporium has to offer (besides business cards) just to give you somewhat of an idea what types of other products we sell.

Carbon Fiber Stapler

carbon fiber stapler

Seems like an ordinary stapler, right? Wrong. This carbon fiber stapler is crafted from the finest carbon fiber available today. Enough of the old, plastic, cheap, stapler that breaks whenever you hit it too hard. This stapler is guaranteed to last you for up to 1 million staples. While we don’t expect you to count how many staples you use with the stapler, we hope you trust us that 1 million staples will last anyone up to a lifetime.

The stapler also has a sleek design which will appeal to anyone in the market for a new stapler. Why not browse by our store and check it out today? Starting at $8.00.

Paper Shredder 2.0

paper shredder 2.0

No office is complete without a paper shredder to shred away excess paper that may build up in the office environment. Most paper shredders can only shred a few sheets of paper at a time, which almost takes longer than ripping them yourself.

Not with the Paper Shredder 2.0 offered by Business Card Emporium. This monster of a paper shredder can shred up to thirty sheets of paper at once! Looking to get rid of that thirty page document you signed without reading? Well now you can!

This shredder also comes equipped with a built-in fabric detector which detects any fabric that gets lodged within the blades and automatically shuts off before shredding through the fabric. Now you don’t have to worry about getting your tie stuck! Starting at $65.00.



One of the other products in which we offer is known as The Stamper. This stamper is built with the finest material available for any stamper and even lasts for up to 1000 stamps per each ink renewal.

You are allowed to customized just what your official stamp looks like. Want it to have you personal logo? A big F-? The word ‘congratulations’? Well now you can choose just what it includes!

Please note that each stamper comes with 2 ink packs which should last you up to 2000* stamps. Any additional ink pack can be purchased for $13.50. Our stamper starts out at $15.00.

So are you in the market for any other office supply products? Stop by our store just to see what else we have to offer. At BCE, we aim to provide excellent quality products to out customers, with a 60 day guarantee or your money back! Thank you for reading!

Business Card Emporium’s Three Step Process

three step process

With Business Card Emporium, we aim to make it convenient for anyone to get started with us in order to get the business card they desire. By doing this, we make the process of obtaining personalized business card even easier than before.

To do just this, we have put together a three step system which ensures you walk away from our store happier than before and with your new personalize business cards. But what do the three steps consist of?

We will take a more in depth look at the three step process, offered by Business Card Emporium.

1. Meeting meeting step one

To start things off, our very first step is to schedule a meeting between you (or whoever wants business cards) and a group of our very dedicated employees. You can call us at 415-314-4403 or email us at BusinessCards@BCE.com to schedule your very own meeting.

At the meeting you will discuss with a small group from BCE regarding what exactly you want on your business cards. Things you can incorporate on them include but are not limited to:

  • Images
  • Text 
  • Content Sections

Please note that what you include on a business card must belong to you, as in you must have the rights to include it on your card. You will discuss more about this in detail should you choose to schedule your very own meeting with us.

At the meeting is also where the client will pay and when an expected completion date will be given to the client.

2. Design & Development design and development step two

The design and development process is more geared towards our employees at BCE whom bring your ideas to life.

After you have signed off on your final design for your business card, then we begin developing your personalized cards. Your design is brought to life at one of our many development facilities in which we press your design onto any paper stock you choose for your card.

That isn’t just it, though. We also quality check every one of your cards that are printed for any misprints, errors, or anything we feel might take away from the quality of the final product.

3. Deliver deliver step three

That’s right, the step our clients look most forward to. We will schedule our client to come in for another meeting where we will present the final product to them. This step is where most of our clients realize the full potential of BCE. This is where we aim to provide the most excellent of quality business card directly to you, the client.

If you are not satisfied at this step, we will do everything in our power to ensure that you are happy!

There you have it. Now you see how easy it is to get started with BCE. Enough talking about it though, if you need business cards, why not schedule a meeting with us? Schedule an appointment today!

4 Awesome Tips to Keep Your Shoes Longer

long lasting shoes

If you’re like the general population, it is disappointing whenever you finally buy the shoe you have been wanting just to have them losing quality in a matter of weeks. Given, it all depends what activities you use your shoes for, but there are precautions you can take to ensure it stays the way you want it for a long while.

This blog post will give various tips on how to keep your new pair of shoes looking fresh and maintaining great quality with them.

1. Avoid the Dryer dryer

Many people make this mistake way too often. It almost seems obvious to say shoe aren’t meant for the dryer, but they really are not. You may be asking yourself, “How am I supposed to dry my shoes fast without tossing them in the dryer?”

The answer is there is no fast way to do it, but there is a price for keeping your shoes in good quality and this is one of them. When you find your shoes to be drenched with water, it is best to dry them with a towel and by stuffing newspaper or paper towels on the inside of the shoe. What this does is absorbs the moisture from the shoe.

Granted it may seem take a while to dry your shoes with a towel, but it is much better than throwing them in dryer which breaks down the shoes materials.

2. Rotate Your Shoes

It never hurts to have two pairs of shoes for the same activity, especially if the activity is cumbersome for the shoe. Some of these activities include but are not limited to:

  • Running
  • Skateboarding
  • Rock Climbing

By owning two pairs of shoes for any of the activities listed, you won’t wear out the shoes as fast, as if you just had one pair for the activity. This can get expensive, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to obtain quality shoes.

3. Avoid Leaving Them in Intense Temperatures

Yes, this means do not leave your shoes in your car trunk overnight during the winter. Leaving the shoes exposed to harsh temperatures breaks the materials down a lot quicker than typical room temperature. As with not putting your shoes in the dryer, this can have the same effect.

If it is too cold, the material will stiffen up and if you put it on, it stretches the material while it is still that cold. The same works for extremely hot temperatures, except the shoe isn’t going to be stiff.

4. Change Out the Laces Often

Not only does this keep your laces looking fresh every time, it also keeps your laces looking new and not worn down. Laces on shoes wear down so much faster than the actual shoe, this is why many shoes are packaged with extra laces. If your shoe did not include extra laces, it is suggested to pick some up and they can be relatively cheap (especially on Jesse’s Online Shoes…)

There are, of course, far more tips than just four to list out but these tips will get you started and on your way to a longer lasting shoe. Interested in a new pair of shoes? Be sure to check out Jesse’s Online Shoes for great prices on the shoes you want! Comment below with more tips you may have! Thanks for reading!

5 Restaurants and How They Use Facebook and Twitter


It’s no question that social media is great for anyone looking to expand their business to an even greater presence of people. In the last article, we looked at 5 retailers and how they are using social media. There are more types of businesses out there today that rely on a good social media strategy to reel in the fan-base they desire.

That’s right, I’m talking about restaurants. What better type of business to have an online presence than your favorite restaurant? On their social media pages they can include their hours, store locations, menu items, and even coupon codes, but do all restaurants do this? Yes and no.

This article will examine 5 restaurants to see just how they are using social media (namely Facebook and Twitter).

Potbelly Sandwich Shop potbelly


First off, all of the images used on the page are great, and very high quality. It appears that they post every few days and not too much to annoy their following. Their posts consist of:

  • Showing off new openings in other states
  • Asking rhetorical questions then answering them with their food
  • Visually appealing posts to intrigue customers

All in all, their Facebook does a great job of conveying their message and is really well set up.


Their Twitter account looks to be in the practice of tweeting a few times a day. Since it is Twitter, this is acceptable and not overdoing it enough to justify unfollowing them for being an annoyance.

I really like how a good amount of their tweets use custom hashtags to generate other content under the hashtag. Most of their content posted is food images, perfect for anyone who is hungry and looking at their Twitter page.

Blueberry Hill blueberry hill


A lot of their posts include images which is fantastic for those wanting to see more about the place. They share relevant images pertaining to food and even the famous people that have eaten there.

On all of their posts that customers comment on, I like how they respond to the customers and even like their comments under their post. It is the little things in social media that can go a long way and show you are a business who cares about your community.


A lot of their content on Twitter as well includes various images to appeal to a lot of people. Their tweets are all in the correct format with a short description of the post, a relevant hashtag, and a shortened link to link to the content they want people to see.

They also don’t overdo it by tweeting too much and one thing I really like that they do is include happy birthday tweets for various celebrities.

Applebee’s applebees


Let’s examine a more well known company on social media. It’s no surprise that the Applebee’s Facebook page is extremely well done. They include so many high quality pictures of delicious food that, not gonna lie, is making me hungry.

On a serious note, they post pictures that they create usually including:

  • Picture of food
  • Graphics over the image
  • Text over the image

This shows that they care about content that is posted to their Facebook. The person who runs the page goes through and likes customers comments on the page as well to show that Applebee’s does care.


One thing I see that Applebee’s does that the others didn’t do too much is retweet relevant content and even when people mention them. This really helps break up your posts on Twitter and shows you care what the community has to say.

Though they fail in one place which can make or break a good Twitter account…

THEY POST WAY TOO MUCH. Seriously, on today (4/17/2015) I have counted more than 20 tweets, and the day isn’t even close to over yet. Way too excessive and I suggest not posting that much.

Red Robin red robin


Upon first glance at their official Facebook page I can safely say that they do not post enough. Once a day is suggested to keep your presence known and to avoid annoying those who like your page. Red Robin posts once every few days.

That’s not to say that their posts aren’t great, however. They make use of hashtags on Facebook and share plenty of content and advertise coupons visually within posts.


On Twitter they post either once a day or twice a day. This is still really low for the social media platform of Twitter. One thing I do like, however, is that they do retweet when customers mention them.  Not only that, they use the most amazing pictures of their food and make it look extremely delicious to encourage fans to eat there.

Taco Bell 


First things first, they do not post enough. The dates of their most recent posts in descending order as of 4/17/2015 go as followed:

  • April 17 (today)
  • April 9
  • April 3
  • March 31
  • and so on…

Not enough posts at all. Most of their posts are at sporadic times, too. I would suggest posting around 11am-12pm and 4pm-5pm to post during lunch and dinner times.


With kind of a disappointing Facebook page it might come as a surprise that they rock at using Twitter. Here’s a rundown of what they are doing right:

  • Posting a few times a day
  • Retweeting customers
  • Craft genuinely funny tweets and reply humorously
  • Craft custom hashtags

Taco Bell is one of the best restaurant based Twitter accounts out nowadays, at least to me. They are doing everything right and post content that most people on Twitter want to see.

Social media can be easily used to increase buzz around your restaurant and can also be easily messed up if you don’t pay close attention to it. Are there any restaurants I didn’t mention that you think have an amazing social media presence? Comment below! Thanks for reading!

5 Retailers and How They Use Facebook and Twitter

social media

It’s no question today that having a presence on social media websites expands your business vastly. Ever since the rise of social media websites, companies are able to expand their reach by creating a page for each social media platform available.

Though there is a huge difference between having a good social media presence and one that could use improvement. This article will examine 5 retailers based in the United States to see just how they are using social media. If you stick around to read you just might learn some helpful tips if you are looking to expand your business to the social media world.

Best Buy best buy


It’s no surprise that Best Buy knows how to properly use Facebook. First off, they post at least once a day but no more than a few in a day, which is great practice to avoid annoying people who like their page. Their posts don’t necessarily “sell” their products but more so share what is new in stock with different selections and links to their page.

Their images are all properly size and used well within posts. It’s no wonder that their page has over 6.7 million followers.

Check it out.


Upon first glance, they post at least three times a day and sometimes more. This is acceptable for Twitter as tweets are really short and to the point. Visual content is used thourugly throughout their tweets as well as shortened links. They tweet about:

  • Deals
  • New Products
  • Fun Facts

They also retweet plenty of content to break the monotony of Best Buy only posts. Check out their Twitter.

Gamestop gamestop


Upon first arriving at their page, their cover photo and profile pictures are extremely relevant for the page and are all properly sized. Their “About” tab has plenty of information about the company and is very easy to read and access. They post at least once a day but no more than 4 times. 4 times can be kind of excessive, but as long as it is spread throughout the day it should be fine. Their posts are all about video games and they create their own hashtags to generate buzz around a certain phrase and to see what customer’s have to say!

Check it out here.


All of their tweets are as following:

  • Deals that link to Gamestop’s Website
  • Posts with a hashtag (scheduled weekly it appears)
  • Advertising new video games

There are tweets that are scheduled are posted throughout the week. For instance, their “Throwback Thursday Showdown” hashtag pins 2 games together to have fans decide which they prefer more.

All in all, a great Twitter page that shares more visually appealing content than deals.

Check it out here.

Walmart walmart


As with the other retailers examined, Walmart does use correct dimensions for all of their images. As with any good retailer page, Walmart posts about their latest deals but also other content to break up their deals. For example, their #WeSpeakChange campaign is asking for shares of a certain post. For every person that shares it, Walmart will donate $10 to help stop world hunger.

This is great practice and a fantastic way to give back to the community.

Check it out here.


They post a few times everyday and retweet a lot of content. They retweet tweets that mention Walmart, but it is good to see them sharing other content, including from their customers. All of their tweets are properly designed and include shortened links. They also use plenty of hashtags.

Check it out here.

CCS ccs


CCS posts to Facebook a few times a day and their posts include:

  • Videos of skateboarders
  • New clothing collections
  • New skateboard deck releases
  • and many, many more

Some of their posts are really wordy, so I would suggest to just limit the amount of words used per post. Also whenever they attempt to tag someone in a post, they don’t actually tag them rather than just list their name, which they should be. Their cover photo could use a bit of work as it is scaled down from a size bigger than what is accepted to upload.

Check it out here.


Obviously enough, they tweet a few times a day and include the proper format. What I like is that they also share a lot of skateboarding videos with funny captions to draw in more of an audience. All in all they use Twitter great and even include weekly hashtags but I would suggest that they link to their official site even more.

Check it out here.

Kohl’s kohls


It’s no surprise that all images on their page are properly sized and look extremely professional. Their posts consist of sharing new styles available in stores, and occasional other posts pertaining to certain holidays and specials. They link back to their site a lot which is good and refrain from using hashtags in every post, which can make hashtags really overdone.

Check it out here.


They tweet a few times a day and their tweets share products to followers and even the occasional contest. They use plenty of images within tweets and even ask for others to retweet for a certain incentive. This is good practice because it asks for collateral, basically, for retweeting their posts.

Check it out here.

Now that you know what makes a good company page stand out from a bad one, have you seen any bad company social media pages? Let us know below! Thanks for reading!